Confessions of a trapped soul

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A chilly polar evening! Darkness embraces the barren Winterland with the promise of a forlorn tiresome night, spurning away from the final rays of the setting star. The Northern wind rustles through the snow carrying with it a heap of Atlantic melancholy. As the Cimmerian gloom grasps these unknown lands with its reptilian claws, the creatures of the night emerge in the hope…

A perfect marriage between a South Indian and a South Italian recipe

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Fusion!!! No other word causes such ambiguity in the culinary world as that of fusion. It is celebrated by some renowned chefs, whereas some absolutely abhor it due to the dire consequences of their experiments. I remember watching Chef’s Table on Netflix, where a celebrated dessert chef once tried to make experimental fusion desserts and failed miserably. However, hailing from one of the most gastronomic cities, fusion food has never scared me personally. I guess I have always tried to enjoy experimentation with food but definitely within a certain limit. …

A sapiosexual woman’s guide to finding the right partner.

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“Affection is when you see someone’s strengths; love is when you accept someone’s flaws.”

People often tend to emulate cinematic ideals of love. I have never subscribed to any of that rom-com “Love at first sight’’ gibberish in my dating history. Honestly, never have I ever been sexually aroused just by looking at a Greek-Godesque male physique. I have heard many of my female friends discussing how they go weak at their knees just by checking out a ‘’hot’’ or a “cute’’ guy in a bar. Well, don’t get me wrong. Who passes on an opportunity to check out a…

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Have you ever devoured any food such that you felt blissfully content? Just imagine that somebody returns home, starved, right after a long and tiring day. And his beloved one offers him a hot, utterly-buttery delicious meal, maybe one of his favorite entrees, cooked with love and care. He ravages through the meal as if there is no tomorrow. How does that feeling sound? Simply euphoric. To describe that mojo in a single word, people often call it ‘Foodgasm.’ …


Obsessed Theory chewer, Chronic high on life. An inherent armchair warrior. I talk about Food, Sex, and a few other things Philosophical.

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